How to Make the Most of an Attorney Client Relationship

In Separation & Divorce by Christopher R. Hicks

Beyond the emotions that fill your mind when your marriage ends, there are complex legal issues that have to be resolved regarding property, support, and child custody. This is why an attorney can be your best ally in the world during this period of your life. Armed with experience and knowledge, an attorney can navigate you through these issues toward a clearer day.

Even with the best attorney, the attorney client relationship is just that—a relationship. Relationships go both ways, and there are ways that you as a client can help make the most of your attorney client relationship.


Come prepared. Coming to meetings with requested documents and questions help with the flow and efficiency of your case. Cases involving litigation are generally paperwork heavy, and keeping your documents organized can help you be prepared for trial preparations and hearings. Additionally, being organized and prepared helps to reduce legal fees, as organization lends itself well to efficiency when your legal team spends time working on your case.

Proactive Communication

In addition to preparation, attorneys appreciate clients who communicate well with them. This means to promptly return your attorney’s calls or emails, as there may be time sensitive information your attorney needs. In addition, don’t ever be afraid to ask your lawyer questions. Not only does this allow your attorney to better understand your mindset and your understanding of the legal issues, but it can also open unexplored paths that may help your representation.

Follow Through

To build trust, it is incredibly important that you listen to your attorney’s advice. Your attorney is your advocate and counsel who you have hired to protect your interests. If your attorney advises you not to send angry midnight texts to your former partner, it is in your legal interest to listen. And if you don’t understand the reasons behind this advice, ask your attorney to explain. Further, if you tell your attorney that you are going to do something—like obtaining bank records—then it builds trust when you follow through and do what you say.

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