A Healthy Summer, A Healthy You

In Health, Lifestyle by Elizabeth Stephenson

Summer is always an interesting time of year, as it brings a change up of our daily routines. If you have kids on a traditional school calendar they are now out of school, which means that you are with them at home, or off at a summer camp if you work. Another possibility is that the children are on an extended visit with or traveling with their other parent. If your divorce is relatively new, this can feel like a fresh wound, to be separated from your children and left by yourself. While it is easy to get trapped in the sadness and resentment of it all, summer may be a good opportunity to take a deep breath and take advantage of the time with yourself. Here are some ideas for a healthy and productive summer.

  • Don’t withdraw from the community. While it is completely understandable to want to stay indoors to avoid the heat, and to close the blinds so that no one bothers you, in is in the best interest of your mental health to challenge those feelings.
  • Remain social and active. If you have friends and family members in the area, keep in touch with them, plan lunches or a get together at your house. If there are new restaurants that you want to try, recruit a friend, create a calendar, and try them all!
  • Plan a road trip to the beach. Grab your towel and flip-flops, get in your car and go. Enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin and the sounds of the ocean. Do this a lot.
  • Plan some summer travel for yourself and a friend. It does not need to be extravagant. Sign up for emails from airlines and cruise companies and look out for discounted plane and cruise tickets. Or try a “stay-cation” where you book a couple days in a boutique hotel in town and treat yourself to a spa weekend.
  • Take informal classes or classes from a community college that interest you. These classes are reasonably priced. In addition, this is a great way of learning something new, meeting people interested in the same subject, and having a regularly scheduled event to go to a few times a week.
  • Find a support group. You are not alone. It may help to find a support group composed of other parents, who can relate to the feelings that summer brings. There is strength in seeking help.

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