Finding Reasons to Be Thankful

In Health, Relationships by Elizabeth Stephenson

When you are separated or have experienced a recent divorce, the holiday season can be rough. You may not be at your best, yet are expected to show up to social events and family gatherings. There is also the constant barrage of shows and advertisements showing happy families eating a feast or opening presents. While navigating your way through this season, it can be helpful to remind yourself of the many things you have to be thankful for.

  • Children — If you have children, appreciate what a blessing they are to your life, and show them through your words and actions that you are grateful for them. As a parent, you can impart the same lessons of thankfulness and humbleness on them. Beyond the gifts, shopping, and eating that come along with the holidays, pull them aside to reflect on the good things in their life.
  • Friendship — Your friends and family are your support system when you are struggling through adversity. Think about the first person you text or call when you need help, need someone to talk to, or have just seen a ridiculous cat video online. In addition, think about every family member who has supported you or had your back. Love and friendship are worthy of celebration.
  • Career — Your career is something you have built for yourself and no one can take that from you. Take pride in your educational and work achievements, and don’t lose sight of how your career has benefitted you or how you want to reach even higher.
  • Community — Think about your community, including your place of worship, your neighbors, your support groups, your workout classes, etc. Your community provides you an outlet during the turbulent times in your life, as well as a sense of normalcy.
  • Hope — And finally, never forget to be thankful for hope. Hope for a better tomorrow can lift us over our toughest days. Know that things can always get better, and that taking positive steps with your family, friends, career, love, and community will help you reach your brighter future.

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