Fathers and Summer Visitation

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If you have children, summertime can be really awesome. There is a freedom to be spontaneous and to plan fun activities that simply doesn’t exist during the grind of the school year. For parents that are separated or divorced, the summer takes on an additional layer of significance. If you are currently operating without a formal parenting agreement or court order, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney to ensure you can maximize your time with your children.

Summer Visitation and Parenting Plans

When parents work on agreed parenting plans regarding custody and visitation of children, some of the primary goals are to create structure, stability, and normalcy for the children. This means creating parenting plans that accommodate the children staying in the same school, maintaining a consistent routine during the school week, and letting the children participate in extracurricular activities. For this reason, many plans allow one parent to have care and custody of the child during the weeks, while the other parent receives alternating weekends.

To account for this limited time during the school year, many parenting plans make up for the time during the summer break. There are a wide variety of options that attorneys utilize, from alternating full weeks between parents, to giving multiple consecutive weeks to the parent.

Fathers With Summer Visitation

If you are a father who has summer visitation with his kids, this is a great opportunity to create some wonderful memories with them. While you have so many choices in how you choose to vacation with them, keep the following in mind.

1. Have a plan. Families plan their summer trips months in advance, which means that hotels, AirBnb reservations, car rentals, and plane tickets are going to be in high demand. Making plans can get you better prices and keep you within budget.

2. Communicate your itinerary with the children’s other parent. Healthy co-parenting includes respect and communication. In addition, this is a courtesy that you will very much want returned to you. Further, you don’t want the other parent to be caught off guard and try to get the court to stop your trip.

3. Ensure that your plan complies with your parenting plan or court order. This is a big deal, as some plans and orders have explicit conditions and limitations on out of state or international travel.

4. Make sure that you have all of your children’s medications filled. You do not want to get caught off guard and run out of essential medications. Know all of your children’s medical conditions and allergies so you can prepare accordingly.

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