Fatherhood and Leading by Example

In Child Custody by Elizabeth Stephenson



Children learn to socialize, cope, develop relationships, and navigate life based on their observations of the adults in their lives. Amongst the strongest influences in helping children develop into healthy, well-adjusted adults are their parents. This is why as a father, it is so important to approach parenting in a thoughtful, consistent manner. A critical part of this equation is to truly understand that you lead your children with both your words and your actions. In essence, you can positively lead by example when your actions match your words.

Healthy Relationships 

Children often mimic their parents’ mannerisms in the context of what they see between adults. Just watch them interact with their friends or at the playground, and you may notice them using some very familiar words and phrases that they hear at home. This is why it is critical to maintain healthy relationships with your significant other, with the child’s other parent (if you are no longer together), with family members, and with friends. Seeing you engaged in healthy, loving relationships will set them up to seek out those relationships for themselves.

Prioritizing Your Time Together

Your children thrive when you are a consistent, positive presence in their lives. This means that if you have limited time with them due to a visitation schedule or geographic limitations, then take advantage of all the access you have. When you are with them, notice them, ask them questions, think about them, and plan memorable activities with them.

Coping with Intense Feelings

Everybody copes with their feelings differently. There is an incredible range of what this coping looks like, from talking, to working out, to hobbies, to lashing out, to relying on substances like alcohol or drugs. Be mindful that no matter what form of coping you utilize, your children are watching. The same can be said about how you choose to resolve conflicts in your life. By learning to productively work through your feelings and conflict, and by applying those skills, you are leading your children down the same path.

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