“Dump Your Significant Jerk Week”

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For many of us, it takes a while to reach an epiphany that we’re in a bad relationship. There is a natural denial that the relationship is not right, borne from the time and emotional investment we have put into the other person. It is also easy to stay in these relationships longer than we plan, because break-ups are really hard. However, if you have decided that you are in an undesirable relationship, there is a week in February for you!

Dump Your Significant Jerk Week

Dump your significant jerk week, sometimes celebrated as dump your significant jerk day, occurs annually in the week prior to Valentine’s Day. This “holiday” is obviously tongue in cheek, as many significant others are not actually “jerks”. Nevertheless, the overarching purpose of this week is meant to end a bad relationship, while also sparing a person of the energy and expense of spending another Valentine’s Day with that person.

Of course, before you go all in and celebrate this week with a break-up, there is a checklist you should think about.

  • Make sure that you are making the right decision. Is your partner really a “jerk”? Because again, jerk may not be an appropriate way to describe your partner. You have invested a lot into your significant other. Are you simply annoyed by pet peeves? Is your relationship salvageable through couple’s therapy?
  • Separations are really hard. All joking aside, ending any significant relationship is hard on both partners. It is also devastating for any children involved. Beyond this, separations are expensive and create a lot of logistical hurdles to add to your busy lives.
  • Take a mature approach to breaking up. There is little good that comes from blasting insults at your partner on your way out the door. Not only is this disrespectful to the relationship, but it adds an unnecessary layer of volatility and animosity to the breakup. You will likely have to see the person again, especially if you have children and mutual friends.
  • Is there a safe way to separate? If there is domestic violence in your relationship, then your “significant jerk” should definitely get dumped. However, the most dangerous time in a violent relationship is when the victim tries to leave the abuser. Contact a family law attorney and the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence for guidance from a domestic violence counselor. There are protective orders, emergency custody orders, and shelters that can help protect you.

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