Celebrating Halloween When Separated

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Holidays are among the most fun times you have as a parent. Among these holidays, Halloween is near the top of anyone’s list. There are really cute costumes, happy kids, and tons of candy. When you are separated or divorced, there is only one Halloween night, which means that only one parent can actually trick or treat with them.

Despite this, even if you miss the actual Halloween night, there are still opportunities for you to celebrate with your children and to have a memorable time celebrating this fun holiday.

  • Alternate costume—even if you don’t have the children on Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t have your own costume event. Buy or make costumes with your children and have your own dress-up event at home, with games and treats.
  • Decorate your home—with the help of your children, carve some jack-o-lanterns and decorate your home inside out with spooky accessories. This can be a fun tradition that doesn’t have to be on Halloween, and gives your children some ownership over the activity.
  • Parties—there are so many opportunities to take the children to Halloween parties. Whether there are work parties with kids, school parties or events, or parties hosted by parents of your children’s friends, you can still dress the kids up and celebrate with them. Better yet, you can throw a Halloween party yourself before the actual date.
  • Pumpkin patches—throughout the holiday season, farms and churches frequently offer pumpkin patches, where children can enjoy hay rides, horse back riding, games, fun treats, and picking out pumpkins.
  • Alternative trick or treating—There are churches, work places, community centers, and shopping centers that offer safe trick or treating opportunities for children that don’t necessarily fall on Halloween day. Another idea is to recruit friends and neighbors to participate in a “bonus” Halloween where the children have an opportunity to go from door-to-door on a different night.

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