Be Kind to Humankind

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We’re living through a rough time in our country. The civil discourse regarding social and political issues has become toxic, with lines drawn in the sand and neither side willing to give an inch to the other. This is really sad, as long term friendships have been tested and fractured as a result. Nevertheless, we should never forget what unites us, which is our humanity and our ultimate desire to leave the world better for our children.

“Be Kind to Humankind” is an annual week—celebrated since 1988—that celebrates humanity through exhibiting kindness on a daily basis. This year, it falls on the week of August 25-31, 2018. According to the movement’s official website, each day of the week is designated with its own theme, including:

Sunday, August 25th: “Sacrifice Our Wants for Others’ Needs Sunday”

The idea behind this day is essentially to commit an act of kindness for someone in need. This can be an act of kindness, such as delivering Meals on Wheels. Another idea is to buy warm meals and bottled water and hand deliver them to people in need.

Monday, August 26th: “Motorist Consideration Monday”

We all experience some form of rage when we drive. For some of us, it is like we turn into completely different human beings when someone is driving too slowly or cuts us off in traffic. This is a day to be mindful of our rage, to recognize that the person driving 40 miles per hour on the highway is not evil, and to instead show other drivers kindness and patience.

Tuesday, August 27th: “Touch-a-Heart Tuesday”

This is a day to recognize those we love, and to tell them and show them how we feel. Give hugs and kisses to your children and significant other. Use the telephone and have a conversation with a close friend or family member.

Wednesday, August 28th: “Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday”

This is a day to help people. If you have an elderly neighbor or relative, offer to do chores like cleaning their gutters, changing light bulbs, or doing some handiwork in their home. Or take the plunge and finally help your father update his iPhone software.

Thursday, August 29th: “Thoughtful Thursday”

This is the day to reflect on your conversations with loved ones and to think about what is really important to them. Then, take this information to make thoughtful gestures to demonstrate that you were listening.

Friday, August 30th: “Forgive Your Foe Friday”

This is a big one. Part of kindness week includes having the humility to forgive people who have wronged you. It does not mean that you have to like the person; however, it does mean that you find a way to let go of your anger with that person and to take away the power that anger has in your life.

Saturday, August 31st: “Speak Kind Words Saturday”

On this last day of Be Kind to Humankind week, you can build upon the lessons of the entire week and be mindful of your thoughts and words.

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