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Adultery, Child Custody and Alimony: Private Investigators and Family Law Matters

In Child Custody, Separation & Divorce by Pat Williams

If you are interested in finding a private investigator for your domestic case, please find someone who focuses on this aspect of investigation rather than a generalist.  When making your selection to locate a private investigator, be sure to select one that specializes in Family Law Investigations.  Those who are seasoned professionals know and understand the evidence necessary in order to prevail in court. Here are three primary ways private investigators assist in family law investigations. Adultery.  There are two elements of adultery. Inclination which is the show of affection, handholding, kissing, hugging or even a touch on the face is a strong indicator your husband or wife and this significant other person are more than just friends. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the investigator to find opportunity, the …