Keeping Your Children Out of the Middle of a Custody Dispute

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You adore your children and so does their other parent. Unfortunately, when the two of you are no longer a couple, there can be a great big divide between what you both believe is best for the children. Whether you split up a week ago or years ago, your children love both their parents and are doing their best to cope. They need you at your best and to be kept out of the middle of your custody dispute. Keeping Your Children Out of the Middle Take responsibility for how you choose to interact with your former partner. Regardless of why your relationship ended and how your spouse chooses to behave, you have control over your own conduct and your reactions. Your children will always remember this time period of …

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Keeping Your Faith When Facing Adversity

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The end of a marriage can push the strongest person in the world to their emotional limit. Divorce shatters peoples’ long-term plans, their routines, and their sense of stability—it can feel like a trap door has instantly opened beneath them. While facing this intense level of adversity, it is easy to get angry and to make decisions that are out of line with your character. But no matter how far you feel that you have fallen, always remember that you are not alone. There are friends, family, mental health professionals, and your faith to turn to. Keeping (Or Finding) Your Faith Through Adversity While religion will not necessarily give you your answers, it can offer you comfort. Beyond speaking to friends, family, or professionals, it can also be comforting to …

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Helpful Tips in Preparing Your Post-Divorce Tax Return

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When you get divorced, one of the absolute last things you want to think about is your taxes. Nevertheless, you know that you are legally required to file a tax return, and many people rely on a tax refund as additional financial cushion each year. Unfortunately, many Americans have been shocked this year by far lower tax refunds than they are accustomed to. This is due to significant changes in tax laws that have taken effect for 2018 tax returns and moving forward. If you have recently divorced or are going to finalize your divorce this year, there are big changes that you should be aware of for preparing your post-divorce tax return. Alimony Tax Implications Have Changed In the past, one of the more palatable features of paying alimony …