Appreciating Teachers and Being an Involved Parent

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Your children’s teachers spend a lot of time with them during the course of the year. For about six and a half hours a day, five days a week, you drop your kids off and leave them in the care of teachers. You put your trust into them to act in multiple roles, as caregivers, as instructors, as coaches, as mentors, and as role models. Being a teacher isn’t an easy job, and good teachers are worth celebrating for what they contribute to your children’s lives.

So if your child has a great teacher, let the teacher know it. Let them know it in your words and actions. This may include sending kind notes or emails, talking to them if you see them at school, participating in teacher appreciation events at school, and in making your children express their appreciation as well.

Beyond appreciating your children’s teachers, take advantage of your opportunities of having great teachers to be an involved parent. This can serve to keep your children on your teacher’s radar, and to maximize your children’s school experience.

  • Become involved as a room parent. This may include coordinating school functions and parties, communicating with the teacher about classroom needs, and organizing teacher appreciation gestures.
  • Know your children’s homework assignments and expectations. You set your children up for success when you are aware of what they are learning. Further, creating a culture of your children knowing and completing their homework assignments every night creates a sense of accountability and responsibility that will carry them throughout their lives.
  • Take advantage of parent-teacher conferences. It can be impossible to get your child to tell you what happened in class. Therefore, a parent-teacher conference is a valuable window into what they are learning and the teacher’s observations about your child in their learning environment.
  • Work with your teacher on identifying ways to reinforce their academics at home. Teachers will have insight and ideas about ways that you can help your child thrive outside of the classroom. Ask them what you can do and take good notes.

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