Appreciating Good Grandparents

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Grandparents love their grandkids. Aside from all the spoiling and sugar-filled memories, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren can be a very meaningful and developmentally important relationship in a child’s life. If a healthy grandparent-grandchild relationship is something you are interested in fostering, consider some the following ways to acknowledge the grandparent-grandchild relationship.

Let Them Spend Time Together

As your parents age—especially if they retire—they tend to have more free time and an increasing need for help. There is a natural role reversal where you, who was once their dependent child, transition into more of a caretaker role as your parents become seniors. If there is a positive relationship, encourage your children to spend time with your parents. Let your children keep them company and be their helper for household tasks and chores, or let your children teach your parents how to use modern technology.

Your Children Can Learn the Family History

Task your child to play investigative journalist. Assign them a very important job of interviewing their grandparents to learn something about your family’s ancestry and history. Create a set of questions that they must answer based on their conversations with the grandparents, and have them report back to you. There is a chance your children will relay stories and events that you have never heard.

Grandparents Can Have Their Own Traditions

Think about what you know of your parents and your children. Despite that the two generations may feel like they’re from entirely different planets, there have to be some common interests. Find interests and pastimes that you know they both enjoy and encourage them to participate together. In the absence of an existing interest, try to help them find new ones.

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