Advice for a Happy Mother’s Day

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If you are separated from the mother of your child, Mother’s Day can be a very emotional day. You aren’t with your children, you are being excluded from a family celebration, and you have memories of when you all used to celebrate this occasion together. It is natural to have a lot of feelings on this specific day. As a single father on Mother’s Day, we would suggest that you heed the following advice.

  • Most custody orders and agreements account for whom the children will spend holidays with. Mothers will get Mother’s Day, while fathers will get Father’s Day. It is important to abide by any custody agreement or order. Failure to abide by your agreement or orders can have serious long-term consequences.
  • Understand that personal-issues aside, your children need a good mother just as much as a good father. Mother’s Day celebrates the mother’s many contributions to raising your children. Further, a peaceful, stress-free Mother’s Day is a step in the direction of healthy co-parenting.
  • Mother’s Day is as much for your children as it is for their mother. Your children love their mother and deserve an opportunity to show it. Think about mother’s day from that perspective, and that they will have their chance to celebrate you on Father’s Day the next month.
  • Establish healthy boundaries. Don’t contact the children’s mother unless it is to coordinate a pre-determined pick up or drop off of your children. This is to your benefit as much as it is to the mother of your children. There are reasons that you are no longer together. It is important to recognize that the relationship is over and that continued conflict is not good for your emotional or physical health.
  • Stay off of social media. You already know that every single holiday and event means that your newsfeed is going to be a relentless stream of photos and videos of people spending time with their families. Mother’s Day is one of those days. You do not need to see this.
  • Do something kind for yourself. If you are a separated father, try to see Mother’s Day as your day off. Consider something social, like golfing with friends or even an impromptu road trip to someplace you’ve never been. Consider something like camping and fishing. The beautiful thing is that it is entirely your choice how you spend this day.

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