Carrie Parker, Paralegal

Carrie Parker


I am passionate about supporting clients and helping them survive legal proceedings to find new paths in life.
Carrie Parker


When asked to describe her home town of Courtland, Virginia, Carrie Parker usually says, in her best Southern drawl, “It makes Johnston County look like the big city.”  She has lived in Johnston County for 22 years and graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. She went on to teach kindergarten, first, and second grade for over 15 years. However, after experiencing her own bitter child custody battle, she was inspired to pursue a career as a family law paralegal and eventually obtained her NC State Bar Paralegal Certification in 2007.

Carrie’s personal custody battle was not cordial at the time of the proceedings, but she is happy to report that she and her former spouse are on good terms. This has helped foster healthy relationships with their three children—Britt, Brad and Izzy. It is this change in dynamic that drives Carrie’s passion to support clients and help them survive legal proceedings and foster new paths in life. Personally and professionally witnessing the perseverance and strength that comes as a result of fighting for families, Carrie is here to help clients and assure them that they will get through their legal battle, to a better and brighter future!

In her spare time Carrie enjoys retraining Off the Track Thoroughbreds on her small farm and fostering cats and kittens.  Carrie relishes the time she is able to spend with her grown children, and dog child, Mangus, and pretty much anything that is outdoors and requires a helmet.